As a kid, I dreamed of travelling to faraway places.  I love to travel.  As an adult, I have had the pleasure of being able to do some travelling, some of it at the courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corps after I enlisted, but not nearly enough.  After completing my tour of duty and being discharged, my wife and I have had the pleasure of visiting other places of interest both within and outside the United States.  There are many other places to which we plan to  travel in the near future.

One of the great benefits of travelling, besides adventure, education, and other opportunities to experience life to the fullest, is to get to know the people with whom you travel, and sometimes form deep and lasting friendships.  You also get to meet others at the destinations that you visit and at stop-overs along the way.  When you travel, you become an ambassador to the people and places that you visit.  Then you come home; and as an ambassador, you get to bring  that experience to share with friends and associates at the end of your trip.  Of course when you travel, you get to sight-see,  experience the taste the food and drink at the restaurants and bars of the local cultures, stay in interesting accommodations, and shop at local markets.  If you are like me, your camera, which lets you capture memories to take home and share with others, is never far away.

I have created posts on my travel website, artraveltalk.xyz, to share some of my travel experiences with others in the hope of stimulating more travel to these and other destinations.  I have posted links at the bottom of each post, which will lead you to useful sites with travel benefits and shopping opportunities that may be of interest, as you travel.

Happy Travels!